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Subterra are leading stormwater drainage and pipeline installation service specialists throughout Sydney’s West. Whether you require drainage installation as part of a subdivision construction project or you are looking to install a culvert under a bridge or roadway, we bring together a highly skilled team of civil construction professionals to provide you with safe, high-quality and long-lasting drainage solutions. Talk to us today to find out more by filling out our online form.


What types of Drainage & Pipeline Installation Services do we provide?

With over 16 years of experience providing civil services to Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors throughout NSW, we always strive to get your project completed on-time and within budget. We accomplish this by implementing comprehensive service training with our team and by ensuring close communication with our clients when working on a project. We have the following services available.

Stormwater Drainage


Whether you are a local council client looking to expand existing stormwater drainage systems or a residential client needing to connect or build over existing stormwater drainage pipelines, our team are highly experienced in providing reliable and long-lasting drainage solutions.

Culvert Installation


No matter what type of culvert you need installed, including culverts under bridges, roadways, railways, civil and urban developments and more, we provide the specialised culvert construction and installation services your project needs.

Pavement Drainage


Providing proper drainage for our roads is critical, which is why our team are highly trained and skilled in providing reliable and efficient pavement drainage solutions. We ensure that roads are sloped correctly to drain water down into gutters and stormwater drainage so that rainwater and water from other sources do not pool in ditches, become stagnant and seep into the soil, weakening road and pavement structures.

Subdivision Drainage Installation


When building new subdivisions in suburban and rural areas, drainage installations are just one part of the process. Subterra not only provides your subdivision construction project with the drainage construction and installation experience you need, but we also provide a range of other subdivision construction services throughout Sydney’s West.

Trunk Drainage Installation


We not only provide standard stormwater drainage installation and construction options, but also major runoff options such as trunk drainage installation. Trunk drainage systems are a large-capacity drainage option perfect for depositing stormwater runoff from a local area to the local waterway.

Transverse Drainage Installation


When dealing with sloped surfaces, you need specialised pipeline and drainage installation to correctly manage stormwater water flow and runoff. Our team have been extensively trained and are experienced in working with providing efficient and affordable drainage solutions in difficult terrain. Our expertise has been relied upon by major contractors such as Lendlease to handle transverse drainage installations throughout Sydney’s West.

Subsoil Drainage Installation


Subsoil drainage is a specialised type of drainage often used around foundations, roads and other manmade structures that are constructed in wet areas. Subsoil drainage systems drain excess water from aggregate layers and soil, transferring the water to a waterway or stormwater drainage system, thereby preventing water damage to local structures.

High-quality civil construction services and plant hire for by Tier 1 and Tier 2 Contractors.

Comprehensive drainage and pipeline installations relied upon by Tier 1 Contractors

Providing drainage installation options for Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors

Whether you are a government contractor or a major commercial contractor such as Lendlease or BMD, our extensively trained team of drainage installation specialists will work cooperatively with you to deliver comprehensive and environmentally conscious drainage solutions. We will take on drainage projects of all scopes, including multi-year long drainage installation projects for major government infrastructure projects.


Some of the projects we have worked on which involve drainage construction and installation include:

Stormwater Drainage Installation at The Northern Road and Bringelly Road Upgrade Stage 2 (TNRBRU) - Lendlease

Starting in December of 2017, Subterra has been involved in a major roadworks upgrade project contracted by Lendlease. It involves the installation of concrete stormwater drainage pipes ranging from 375mm in diameter to 1500mm in diameter. The type of drainage installation also includes transverse drainage, pavement drainage and subsoil drainage. This project in part of the 3.6 billion dollar Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, with the TNRBRU estimated 2.1 billion dollar upgrade scheduled for completion in 2020.


Stormwater Drainage Installation – Westconnex - LSBJV

This project involves stormwater drainage installation for the new M4 tunnel entrance ramps at wattle st, haberfield. Installation consisted of stormwater pipe and pre cast pit installation from 375mm dia to 450mm dia. Our scope also included subsoil installation as well as in situ concrete works to form pit risers.

Stormwater Drainage Installation - North West Rail Link - Daracon

This project involves stormwater drainage installation for the Bella Vista area, designed to prevent flooding scenarios in the area. Stormwater pipeline installations included concrete pipes between 375mm and 1500mm in diameter.

Drainage Installation - Schofields Road Stage 3 - BMD

This road upgrade involves extending Schofields Road to Veron Road, across Eastern Creek to Carnarvon Road and widening the South Street alignment. This drainage contract included the installation of stormwater drainage pipes ranging from 375mm up to 675mm in diameter.

Stormwater Drainage Installation on Oxley Highway to Kundabung Site Upgrade (OH2KU) - LendlLease

This $820 million project is a major Pacific Highway upgrade from Oxley Highway to Kundabung in Port Macquarie. Construction was started in late 2014 and completed in June 2018. The length of highway that Subterra installed stormwater drainage for was approximately 30 km. The scope of the works involved installing 375mm to 825mm diameter concrete stormwater drainage pipes.

Servicing Sydney’s West & NSW

Subterra provides our range of stormwater drainage and culvert installation services to Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors throughout Sydney’s West and across NSW. Our team are professionally trained and experienced in a wide variety of drainage installation options.

We provide our tailored services for:

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